Greetings Brothers! I am proud to announce I am going on my second term as Squadron Commander. We had a very good year last year and I'm looking forward to another great year ahead. My executive board is exactly the same as last year. If you click the "about" tab on the website, you will see the list of officers at the bottom. We need to continue to drive membership hard. Even though we didn't go over the top last year, we baselined our membership number without carrying members that will never renew. We will push hard this year, go over the top and remain the largest squadron in New Jersey.

I would like to thank outgoing Post Commander Michale Schaffer for all of his support he gave to the Son's during his tenure. We worked hard to help him as much as we could and it's nice to have had his appreciation. We wish him the best as the Department (state) Chaplain under Commander Ray Miller. I would also like to congratulate Ed Rutzler for being elected as Commander of our great post. We wish Ed luck and he will do a great job. We will give him the same unwavering support as the past commanders. I would also like to thank the Auxiliary and Legion Riders for all of their help and support. We are happy to work together as a team and will make this post stronger. Last but not least, a big thank you to our membership and everyone that took the time out to attend meetings and volunteer at events. It is greatly appreciated. I look forward to the upcoming year and will be in touch regularly to update everyone as to when our events are, meetings and any other squadron activities. See you all around the post!

For God and Country,
Rocky Lucia